Maryn Weed

Notable Achievements

“Outstanding Performance” Web Launch, September 2019
Our company website (dixie.edu) underwent an entire redesign, both visually and functionally. My supervisor gave me an award for my hard work and overachievement. He also gave me four to-go packs of peanut butter, since I eat those frequently at my desk.

Mini-Trailblazer, January 2019
Staff can nominate other staff members for a “Mini-Trailblazer” award. Mine read:

“Maryn’s dedication to her responsibilities as a Web Developer and outstanding quality of work constantly exceeds expectations. She diligently works behind the scenes to ensure the DSU website is up to date an bug free, demonstrating the highest levels of work ethic and professionalism. Always willing to donate her time, members of her team have come to consistently rely upon Maryn to provide the help they need or the information they are looking for. Maryn is an invaluable and irreplaceable member of the Web Services team.”

DSU “Sharktank”, March 2018
My university held an innovative “Sharktank” competition. I won 2nd place for OPUS, a Javascript midi piano roll and sharing platform. This project later went on to be my senior project, but was abandoned after graduation in favor of work.

CodeCamp, November 2017
Southern Utah CodeCamp is a 24-hour project competition. I teamed up with Wesley Miravete to create Tweetvaluate – “a webpage designed to give comparison analysis on different statistics of a twitter user.” We won 2nd place in the collegiate division.

Code School, Summer 2017
A university-sponsored intensive summer camp that teaches web development technologies for nine weeks. This was where I fell in love with Javascript. We also learned databases, web frameworks, and client-side and server-side web application development. Applicants must be accepted and tuition is covered by a scholarship.

ACM Programming Competition, March 2017
An annual university-sponsored event where teams of three compete to solve the most number of programming problems. I was placed in a random team, where one of my teammates left early. We received an honorable mention in the collegiate division for Python.

Dean’s List, Fall 2016
This means I was recognized by a professor for honorable academic achievement, and recommended to the Dean of the College of Science and Technology.

Business & Marketing Pathway Certificate, June 2015
In high school, I was concurrently enrolled in the Business & Marketing pathway. This certificate was completed alongside my graduation. I had always been interested in business and marketing, and still use the skills I learned then in my web development and projects to this day.