Maryn Weed

Education and Courses

August 2015 - June 2018
Bachelor of Science @ Dixie State University

  • Overall GPA: 3.86
  • Major: Computer Information Technology
  • Emphasis: Web Design & Development
  • Minor: Computer Science

Not many people are interested in the exact courses I’ve taken, but I’ve written them here for my own record-keeping sake. Sometimes I like to go back and review what has been here.

Development Courses

  • WEB3200 Web Application Development I
  • WEB3500 Electronic Commerce
  • WEB3550 Internet & eCommerce Marketing
  • WEB4200 Web Application Development II
  • WEB4600 Senior Project
  • WEB4900 Independent Research - Web Security

Design Courses

  • WEB1400 Web Design I: Fundamentals
  • WEB3100 Interaction Design
  • WEB3400 Web Design II: Essentials
  • DES1300 Design I
  • DES2500 Computer Illustration
  • DES2600 Creative Imaging
  • DES2710 Typography I

Information Technology Courses

  • IT1001 Intro to Computer Information Technology
  • IT1100 Intro to Unix/Linux
  • IT2400 Intro to Networking
  • IT4300 Database Design & Management
  • IT3100 Systems Design and Administration I

Computer Science Courses

  • CS1400 Fundamentals of Programming
  • CS1410 Object Oriented Programming
  • CS2420 Intro to Algorithms and Data Structures
  • CS2450 Software Engineering
  • CS3005 Programming in C++
  • CS3010 Mobile Application Development for Android